BDM Smart System-Perfect Solution to grow your business up to 70%…!!!!

Business Development Management Software

BDM Smart is like virtual business associate for every industry.
BDM Smart System is a brilliant analyst and one of the few associate we trust. It simplifies the complex business processes, and maintains the rhythm in internal co-ordination and transparency in Business Development Team.
It reduces the lengthy time taking process of Business Analysis. You can get a ride of every micro level reports in a few clicks. Consequently these quick analytics supports Business Experts for the decision making activities. It free ups the time to be more focused on implementing new ideas to grow business, rather than spending time into just generating reports and searching information.
It will give you remarkable output and boost daily CRM activities. It removes small communication gaps by auto messages and auto mails and time to time reminders and notifications. It makes overall marketing process easier, more effective and efficient. It keeps track of customers’ history with a company, to improve business relationships with customers.
It will act as a muster station/junction for the data coming from different communication channels, including a company’s website, telephone, and different social Medias.
BDM Smart System is anxious to be your partner to create and actualize your business development openings. Might you want to have a voyage through it… … ????

Special Features

  • Secure Login
  • Reduces resource dependency.
  • Reduce Manpower
  • Save Time
  • Cost saving.
  • Easy Data handling.
  • Zero paper work.
  • Easy and Robust Tracking system.

More Inclusive

+ Marketing Automation
+ Supervisory Analysis
+ Strategic Planning
+ Evaluations of daily working
+ Implementing business opportunities
+ Regular promotion and updates
+ Minimizing Operative/resource Costs
+Track of Metrics
+ Easy Data Input Process
+ Easy and User Friendly UI’s
+ Balancing Workload

BDM SMART Works With

  • CEO
  • Director/s
  • BDM ( Business Development Manager)
  • Quotation Maker
  • Sales Coordinator
  • BDE ( Business Development Executive)
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