Inventory Management Software

Inventory Management Software

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Maintaining a fine balance of stock at warehouse, stock in production, and stock to re-order is critical for all retail businesses. You cannot overstock or understock since both these conditions have a significant impact on the revenue. There are real-life examples of several small business becoming a memory because of bad or poor inventory management. If you don't want your business to have that fate, start using the best inventory software so that you can track, manage, and streamline purchases, sales, deliveries, and warehouse operations. As an experienced software development company, TejIT Solutions have interacted with hundreds of retail businesses, understood their problems and needs, and utilized that knowledge in building the best inventory management software to help you reduce time and cost and become inventory-efficient. By implementing our inventory management software, you can improve the profitability of your business by 20 to 50 percent.


  • Inventory Management
  • Invoice Processing
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Requisitions & Approvals
  • Sourcing Management
  • Supplier Management
  • Enquiry Management
  • Reduce Production Cost

How our inventory management software can help you?

Stock Management

You can control, store, track, and order inventory without any chances of overstocking or stockouts with the best inventory management software from TejITsolutions. The software will help you reduce unnecessary storing of items, and losing orders due to less stock. Whether the stock is raw materials, in production, or finished goods, you can have an accurate and up-to-date information on stock at hand and also reduce human error.

Proforma Invoice Management

You don't have to manually calculate and produce an estimate to your buyer/customer. As a supplier or a retailer, you can use our inventory management software and create a proforma invoice. The software will help you include all the details such as kind, quantity, weight, and price of goods, including applicable commissions, tax, shipping cost, etc. You can also create and send a proforma invoice for services yet to be delivered to your customers. In short, you can provide an estimate sales price of goods/services to interested customers and declare your commitment to provide the goods/services at specified prices.

Purchase Order Management

A purchase order is a legally-binding document and serves as a legal offer to your suppliers to buy their products or services. With our software, you can manage all your purchase orders with the right kind of information. You can describe the item you want, its quantity, price, delivery instruction, etc. This software will help you manage your project, outline costs, and even apply the project reference to the order. This will save your employees time, and streamline your stock.

Warehouse Management

Our inventory management software will help you maximize the use of your warehouse space by allowing you to track every single item that's coming in and going out. Whether you're adding or removing goods from the warehouse, you can easily gauge the current stock count. You can easily set, locate, access, and dispatch good as per purchase orders from buyers.

Invoicing and Billing Management

You can manage your invoicing and billing process with our software. Now build and send professional invoices, set payment reminders, and accept online payment. Using the invoicing and billing features in the software, you can track inventory, view and issues sales reports, invoices, quotes, delivery notes, bills and credit notes, and purchase orders.

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