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Society Management Software

Give up the old and tedious method of managing your society data with the help of a spreadsheet for we bring you the best society management software with amazing features and benefits. TejITSolutions has developed this software by meeting several managing committees of gated communities and co-operative housing societies in the city. This software is the outcome of the knowledge gained on different needs of residential societies. It's our guarantee that you will experience a whole lot of convenience in managing entire activities of your society. You can cut down administrative tasks, boost security for your society, manage maintenance activities smartly, manage society accounts, and track visitors.

Features of Tej Society Management Software

Multiple Login


The software comes with multiple login features using which every single member registered with the society can enjoy the convenience of assessing information related to payment due and made, flat or apartment available for rent or sale, society maintenance schedule, etc. Members can also upload details of family members and housemaids for security purpose. They can intimate the administrative team about any discrepancies in their bills, post complaints or bring certain issues to notice of the administrator.

Managing Committee

Each member of the managing committee has a specific role to play in every residential society. Based on their role, members can access information and perform necessary tasks assigned by the committee. With the concept of multiple login, the managing committee can delegate duties, responsibilities, and power to the administrative staff as well as control their activities.

Facility Management

Today's residential societies come with amenities such as health club, swimming pool, tennis court, badminton court, party hall, and children's playground. These facilities may be free or on a pay and use basis. The charges for the paid facilities are different for society members, tenants, and outsiders. Besides, these are assets such as electrical fittings, diesel, and borewell that need to be managed. This makes using the best society maintenance software utmost important.

  • Maintain records and history of AMC
  • Set reminder notifications and send them to society members before each service due
  • Fix the days for amenities to be used by the society members only
  • Accept advance booking for use of facility from members
  • Differentiate between temporary and confirmed booking of facilities along with charges
  • Fix security deports, and charges for the use of specific facility
  • Accept and make payment by Payment Gateway

Visitor Management

Manual verification of each and every visitor to the society is not a genuine way to ensure security for the residents. There is also a possibility that the visitors may fake his or her identity just for the sake of gaining an entry to the society, which could be tough for the security to identify. To overcome this kind of security threat, residential societies need the best society management software like the one we have developed it.

Pre-authorized Guests

Using their login ID, residents can update their “Expected Visitors” on our society management software. The benefit of this feature will help:

  • The security gate in knowing about Expected Visitor
  • An OPT will send to the visitor email ID or phone number, which can be used while checking-in for a hassle-free entry
  • Reduce the work of the security of manual verification and allows the visitor a hassle-free experience
  • The security gate can also track the check in and check out time of the visitor
  • At the time of checking, the resident who is expecting the visitor will receive a mobile notification for allowing or rejecting a permit to the visitor
  • If there is no response from the resident, the security will resort to manual verification of the visitor
  • Once the details of the visitor is entered into the software, the record will be maintained forever
  • The security can click a photograph of the visitor and attach it to the details
  • Parking Management

    Our society management software will allow you to maintain the following the details for better parking management

  • Database of all the vehicles owned by the residents
  • Details of parking lots provided to each member of the society
  • The security can easily find which vehicle is IN or OUT of the society by simply keying in the registration number of the vehicle owned by the resident
  • Accounts Management

    The user-friendly account management features of our society management software can be used by anyone who is not an accounting expert. This software will maintain details of the charges due and paid by residents, send reminders to the defaulters, and also make voucher entry for money spent on the maintenance of the society. It will help you raise and send invoices to the residents, set up recurring invoices for a given date of each month, auto-calculate late-payment charges, and collect payment from residents through Payment Gateway.

    We know there are multiple society management software available in the market. This also makes picking the best society management software that can fulfill your society's needs more difficult. So don't waste time in finding one, and simply give us a call. We will provide you a free demo.

    We are confident that the features of our society management software and its benefits will amaze you. Once you start using it, you will find managing your society's activities extremely easy. Chances are you may recommend it to other societies as well.


    • Multiple Login
    • Facilities Management
    • Visitor Management
    • Parking Management
    • Accounts Management